Since many years I am working successfully in the field of editorial photography and events, such as conferences, press conferences and corporate events. My photographs are published in renown Italian and German media. Moreover I am often collaborating with public relations agencies in the production of print and online publications.

A special focus of my work is the photographic portrait. I am producing studio portraits as well as ambient portraits which show persons in inspiring real life surroundings. Therefore I use utmost care to choose the right location and to execute shootings on a state-of-the-art quality level.

I offer a fast and accurate workflow, both in small and medium digital format including editing and postproduction services with the most updated programs and tools for digital image processing. I am able to satisfy the requirements of speed required today by many of my customers. For special needs I am working also in large analog format (6x9 and 4x5 inches) or in medium analog format (6x6 and 4,5x6).